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Worked on my squat & bench openers today. I worked up to a nice 80kg squat (with good form!) and 47.5kg bench. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to open on – it will all depend on how I feel on the day. But I’m thinking 80/82.5kg squat, 42.5/45kg bench, 110/112.5kg deadlift. 

Now all I have to do is make sure my kit is clean, and my bodyweight is <72kg!!



I had a Dominos last night, which was probably a VERY BAD idea 8 days out from competition; but I was 71.7kg this morning so I think I winged it. Phew! No more Dominos this week, though (not as if I ever have pizza twice a week anyhow!)

Today at the gym:

Squats: worked up to 3 x 3 @ 70kg. Felt fine but a bit sluggish, probably because my legs are tired after conditioning yesterday

Dimels, glute & ham raises, reverse hypers.

Bench: worked up to 3 sets of 2 @ 42.5kg, both with a pause. 

Seated shoulder press, front raises, tricep pushdowns. 

And then, Bethnal Green lifter Ernie Parkes turned up, fresh from the IPF Masters in Miami. He took 3rd place overall in masters 4; second in deadlift & 3rd in squat. So proud of him! To be deadlifting 220.5kg at 71 years old is AMAZING. 


12 days to go! Yes, I am counting.

Squats: worked up to 72.5kg x 3; 75kg x 2; 80kg for 3 singles. Nailed all 3 perfectly – all to depth, no leaning forward, decent speed. Pleased!

Bench: worked up to 40kg x 3; 42.5kg x 2; 45kg for 3 singles with a stop. Again, really pleased with my form.

Coach told me that he’s really seen an improvement in my lifts, and that he tells others about how tenacious and hardworking I am. Sniff. He’s so nice to me (for a change ;-))

Then I did some accessory stuff: dumbbell bench with palms facing, good mornings, Dimels, glute & ham raises, pullthroughs etc.

And then I came home & ate a homemade nectarine turnover for dinner. I think that should be the last time I eat pastry until the British!!


So in addition to getting my squad hoodie (squee!) I did everything at the gym today…

Bench: worked up to 40kg 5 x 2; then 45kg x 2; 47.5kg x 1; 2 attempts at 50kg (needed a little tough from my coach to get them off my chest); 42.5kg x 5

JM press: 35kg, 10 x 3

Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 10kg, 7 x 3

Squats: worked up to 70kg, 3 reps x 2; 75kg, 3 reps

Deadlifts: 60kg, 5 reps; 75kg, 4 reps then 3 fast singles

Dimels: 40kg, 20 reps x 2 (used double overhand grip for the first time, it was ok)

Then glute & ham raises, pullthroughs and cable crunches

BW this morning was 73kg on the nose.


Can’t be bothered to list my whole workout, so I’ll summarise:

Squats: 87.5kg (new gym pb, my contact lens popped out on the way up); 90kg (new gym pb, contact lens stayed put).

Bench: 42.5kg for three triples with pauses.

Ugh, I feel so good! Now all I have to do is get that 90kg squat in competition! *fingers crossed*


3 weeks to go!!

I didn’t go to conditioning on Friday, instead I spent 45 minutes with the foam roller and the sauna. When I got to the gym on Saturday it turned out I had a conditioning workout anyway, so that worked out well!

Dumbbell cleans: 10.5kg x 5, 12.5kg, 5 x 2

Single-arm dumbbell rows: 20kg x 5; 22.5kg, 5 reps x 2

Good mornings: 50kg, 3 x 3

Dimel deadlifts: 50kg, 20 reps x 2

Machine rows: 15kg x 8; 17.5kg x 6, 20kg, 4 x 2

Upright rows: 20kg x 5; 25kg, 5 reps x 2

Glute & ham raises: 5kg plate, 15 reps x 3

Pullthroughs: 15 reps x 3

Cable crunch: 30kg, 10 reps x 3

+ more foam rolling!

I got told to eat lots this weekend as apparently I have heavy squats on Monday….


Squats: 20kg x 5 x 2; 40kg x 5; 50kg x 5; 60kg x 5; 65kg x 5 x 3

Really good squats, coach said I looked really tight & all my squats were competition depth. Score!

Deficit deadlifts: 70kg x 3 x 2; 80kg x 2; 100kg x 1; 110kg x 1

Really ugly lift, but I got it with no hitching. Score part II!

Bench press: 20kg, 10 reps, 5 reps; 30kg x 5; 40kg, 4 reps x 2; 42.5kg x 2; 45kg x 2

Aww yeah! Score part III!

Incline narrow bench press: 30kg x 3; 32.5kg, 3 reps x 4

Front raise, bent-over fly superset: 5kg, 10 reps x 3 each

Single-arm row: 15kg, 10 reps x 2; 20 reps

Cable crunch: 25kg, 10 x 3

Tonight was sooooo good. My coach was being really positive & actually saying encouraging things to me ( as opposed to his usual modus operandi of letting me find out second-hand!!) and saying I’m looking good for the British. Fingers crossed!!!

Unfortch the rest of the evening wasn’t so great: I didn’t leave the gym til almost 8, then I had to walk home from the tube as the buses were messed up, so it was almost 9 before I got home. Currently cooking an unusually healthy dinner of trout and veggies.

BW was 71.6kg this morning. 3 weeks on Saturday!