The Basics

A few basics about my blog:

  • I originally intended this blog to be more of a “public face” of me, but as it’s gone on I’ve reverted to a LiveJournal-style of very personal blog posts. Expect lots of self-doubt, swearing, irrationality etc. If you don’t want to read those sorts of of things, you’ve been warned!
  • No body snarking, not ever. Not in posts and not in comments. I don’t believe in those platitudes that curves are better than being skinny; that abs are better than boobs etc etc (in fact I’m quite a fan of boobs). I don’t care if you have a thigh gap or not, knock yourself out. All bodies are good bodies.
  • No fitspo. I hate fitspo.
  • This is not a blog about fat loss or weight loss. I’m a big believer in fat acceptance and Health at Every Size. I don’t train to get lean. If you’re looking for advice about fat loss, I’m afraid I can’t help.
  • I’m not grain-free, gluten-free, Paleo, sugar-free etc. I believe in intuitive eating, although to be honest I mostly just eat what I like. Except when I’m cutting weight to compete, which is my version of hell.
  • While I don’t run or do Crossfit or do Zumba, I’m not anti- any of those things. No sport snarking, thank you!
  • I don’t post videos of my lifts as I don’t take my phone into the gym (my coach would kill me!)

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